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.frau mehl.

/you get up each morning to do what you did yesterday /your office chair's still waiting for your ass - you say it is okay / computer's on and tv's on, mc chicken is still on the way / but mister, are you mister "i - do - it - like - everyday"?/

/it's nice to see you walking down the avenue / your bored eyes look like everyone else's do / there's just this rhythm but no melody in you / but madam, are you willin' to dream a second or two?/

/and now i understand why people run away / 'cause there ain't no sense in living if you just relive yesterday / again and again and again/

/miss "intelligent", I know, you know it all by heart / and of course you have been that wise right from the start / miss "know - it - all", was nice to meet you, but the show is done / i'll walk my way, you will walk yours / let's go to have some fun/

/hello myself, are you satisfied with you and these days / if not, i understand you / 'cause this world ain't "okay"/

19.11.07 19:43

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